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Our Vision

A Letter from the Director...

The ambitious vision of is to become the online hub for theatre, drama, and performing arts in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As a website geared toward local members of live theatrical industries and patrons of the arts alike, it is mainly in the hands of the community whether or not it realises this goal. However, it is my hope that the resources provided herein will prove useful, and encourage that community to collaborate in new ways on the World Wide Web.

Intentions for the site's standard set of features are twofold:

1. For Members of the Live Theatre Community

To provide a central online resource for theatrical artists of all kinds, which allows them to:

  • Create a personal, searchable public profile detailing their theatrical background, experience, and pursuits.
  • Create an informational profile for any theatrical companies that they represent.
  • Publicise -- by way of an online "Arts Calendar" -- any upcoming productions being staged by their companies, in genres including stageplay, musical theatre, opera, ballet, and improv.
  • Post public Casting Calls or other similar "want ads" when artists are needed for local theatrical endeavours.

2. For Patrons of the Arts

To provide a central online resource for patrons of the arts, which allows them to:

  • Access information about participating theatre companies and their upcoming productions.
  • Post their personal reviews of any local theatrical productions they have attended, in accordance with a strong belief in the principle of "patrons, not papers": that the reviews of each spectator should be heard as no less valid than the one printed by a production's assigned critic.

The adamant endeavour of Merlyn Productions is to provide these features in an intuitive and "self-administrating" manner, via an interactive online database: thus ensuring that users are not continually waiting for a central authority to process their updates, and that all users and companies -- regardless of size or professional status -- are provided with equality in the resources available to them.

To the ends of this vision, I highly encourage users and visitors to contact me with their comments or suggestions on the development of

 John Chase

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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