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 43  David J. Shaver  Male  Manitoba
 239  Jeff Skinner  Male  Manitoba
 276  Monika Skop  Female  Manitoba
 179  Nicole Smiley  Female  Manitoba
 187  Stephanie Sousa  Female  Manitoba
 139  Nancy Stebnyckyj  Female  Manitoba
 128  Amanda Stefaniuk  Female  Manitoba
 329  Angela Stevens  Female  United States
 282  Kelly Stifora  Male  Manitoba
 12  Devra C. Straker  Female  Alberta
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Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
Quote of the Moment
"Acting is everything, requiring the whole of the actor. Though true performance displays a perfect union of mind, heart and body: it is the unseen devotion of our very spirit that allows us to sacrifice them to our art."
-- John Chase

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