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Lorraine James

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Account Information

Personal Photo - Lorraine James
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  Registered On:  2004-12-02
  Last Updated:  2016-02-03

Personal Information

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  Name:  Lorraine James
  Sex:  Female
  Location:  Manitoba (MB)
  Age:  Undisclosed

Contact Information

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  • Actor
  • Improviser

Recent News

Check out an additional website through Casting Workbook: for updates, but my wordpress blog has more immediate info.

Personal Bio

After aspiring to become an actor in Winnipeg for a few years, I ventured forth to Vancouver, where I struggled for 10 years; After surviving that I came back to Winnipeg to lick my wounds and resume a "career" out here, slaving away at my day job, asking people if they want their meals "Biggie-sized". I've done the Fringe Festival circuit ["Sleeping Beauty Cabaret", "There iz no peace, onlee love", "Shel Shocked", and "Secrets of My Wanton's Love"], Worked with Hope McIntyre's Theatre Company "Sarasvati Productions" ["The International Women's Week Cabaret", "Gender Play" & "Stories from Brown Girl Jouvay" for Fem Fest], performed children's theatre for Fantasy Theatre for Children ["Tales from Far Away", "The Velveteen Rabbit" & "The Snow Queen"] and supported many film productions in Winnipeg and Vancouver as a background performer ["The LookOut", "Blue State", "The Good Life", "Dark Angel",   episodes of "Da Vinci's Inquest", "Cold Squad" and "Category 6 & 7", etc].

Favourite Quote

Amateurs never stop dreaming; Professionals never stop learning.

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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