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Barry J. Kopulos

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Account Information

Personal Photo - Barry J. Kopulos
  User ID:  254
  Registered On:  2011-07-29
  Last Updated:  2011-07-29

Personal Information

  Name:  Barry J. Kopulos
  Sex:  Male
  Location:  Manitoba (MB)
  Age:  61

Contact Information

  E-Mail:  Undisclosed
  MSN Messenger:
  Yahoo ID:  jaybeare


  • Actor
  • Box Office
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Publicity Designer
  • Teacher (Acting)

Recent News

I am working as freelance volunteer TV producer covering many community events and stories for TV and have recruited grads from film,media and broadcasting courses. i also have few that have worked in their respective foreign countries in broadcasting and film and are volunteering too.

Personal Bio

I am from s small farming town in Alberta graduated from high school with honors. I have lived in Manitoba for over 25 years working in call centres,retail,film and broadcasting.I have strong background in this area working on several hundred TV shows I produced over 7 years and one talk radio show. I have created non-profit groups including major film based one and now a foundation to help grads from media,film,broadcasting gain real work experience.

Favourite Quote

Life is full of lessons learn!

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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