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Corey J. Weir

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Account Information

  User ID:  149
  Registered On:  2008-08-21
  Last Updated:  2008-08-21

Personal Information

  Name:  Corey J. Weir
  Sex:  Male
  Location:  Manitoba (MB)
  Age:  27

Contact Information



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Recent News

I just recently finished a 6 month project, we did a play called Don't Tell Mother, which was a big hit in our town. It was awesome.

Personal Bio

I'm a tall skinny guy. I love playing and watching and basically anything to do with sports. I love acting and being able to jump into a character and sort of make him my own and see that person in me. I'm a real humerous person, i love to laugh and make people laugh. I'm the kind of person that is really caring and i believe in being a good person, i work hard and if i focus on something than im getting it. I'm a very driven person and never give up.

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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