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Reviewed: 2007-07-23 22:03:06
By: Leila Marston (

The words "gay," "rap," and "opera" are not often found in the same book, much less the same paragraph, so I attended this show simply to satisfy my curiousity.  I hoped for an interesting plot and a skillful blending of two favourite music genres; I had no idea that I would be treated to an evening of marvelous storytelling as well.

The two - rappers?  opera singers?  musicians! - started the show swinging, with unabashed energy and powerful vocals that never faded once during the sixty-minute performance.  Craddock and Cuckow transformed between different roles with effortless artistry; while portraying a young male couple with poignant tenderness and great chemistry, they also depicted the men's friends, families, and enemies without missing a beat.  The love story is realistic, direct, as moving as any Romeo and Juliet, and it's interwoven with pointed social commentary and wicked satire.  From the infectious introduction rap encouraging the audience to "flip your wrists in the air," to an ending 'litany' that easily could have been monotonous and wasn't - my jaw dropped at the beginning of the show and stayed on the floor until the end.

I dare anyone to remain ummoved by this show; I laughed, cried, and left the theatre with that sense of smug satisfaction that comes from finding an unexpected treasure.  These talented performers deserve full houses, and I hope that many more Fringe attendees will take a chance on "that gay rap opera."

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