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The History of Theatre
Presented by Theatre by the River


Reviewed: 2007-07-23 21:49:20
Rated: 7 out of 10 [3.5 Stars]
By: John Chase (

The performance I attended deserved much more audience than the fifteen or so in the house. The script is clever and creatively staged. My compliments to the two actors and one actress (who also authored the show), as it didn't deter them from working hard to entertain the crowd with their loose and comedic rendition of modern theatre's history.

If I have any criticisms, it is that the performers need to watch their articulation, as certain lines were difficult to understand through the enthusiasm with which they were spoken.

Otherwise, "The History of Theatre..." is a good bit of fun with an educational twist. This play is bound to be appreciated by fellow performers, or anyone who ponders just why us actors do things the way that we do.

Three-and-a-half stars out of five!

John Chase
July 22, 2007

This production is part of the 2007 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.
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Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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