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Reviewed: 2007-07-22 15:17:59
Rated: 10 out of 10 [5 Stars]
By: Leila Marston (

[ Note: This review of Caberlesque! is a re-post from the production's run at the 2006 Winnipeg Fringe Festival. ]

Caberlesque is a meeting of five brilliant musicians who evoke the spirits of ages past, moving flawlessly through different eras and locales. It's beautiful, classy, an engaging show performed with great finesse.

The polished and talented singers lead the audience on a journey, beginning with the sardonic humour of '30s Berlin and journeying through the free 'love' of '60s Amsterdam and the near-desperate spectacle of modern New York City. A show of this kind could easily have degenerated into raunchiness for the sake of low-brow crowd seduction, or simple warbling without any underlying purpose. However, it is through the magic of these performers that the songs are unified and given deeper meaning: the powerful, velvety voice of Ms. Biccum; the sweet singing and smiling of Ms. Scott; the flirty, yet not tawdry, songs and dances from Ms. Nowlan; the exquisitely passionate performance of Mr. Pufahl; or the flawless playing of the musician Mr. Flegel. Together, they unveil the loves, fears, and yearnings of the human spirit through the unlikely medium of burlesque, delivering a show that is both wryly funny and deeply touching.

Go see Caberlesque. Go see it twice. In fact, just sit in the venue from now until the end of the show's run. These performers richly deserve the support of Fringe audiences, and viewers deserve the treat of this spectacular performance.

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