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Fringe Outdoor Stage Funk Music Show
Presented by Groove Port

Reviewed: 2006-07-29 15:12:28
By: David J. Shaver (e-mail private -- log in to view)

I haven't had the funk. I admit it.

I never got the funk. I never got the funk, never had the funk, never did the funk, at all.

But now I got the funk and you will get the funk and the funk can be had by all.

That is, if you jived and funked like hell like this funkyman did and this group Groove Port had the funk, had the funk, had the funk to funk out to all.

They had a funky little shorty sing and hop out front and spread her funk all over like a funky four leaf clover 'till the funk was the funk of all.

The boys got horny on the horns and hip riffs on the guitar and the drummer did drum his all.

But when the people did they funk with the cowboy up at front, with the chick in the middle givin her bust that great big wiggle, the funk was a hunk of this druggie stoner funk and the funk was bliss like that middle chicks hips and the funk didn't stop it just hipped and it hopped.

A funky, wild-ass hump funked by all!

This show receives my highest recommendation!

David Shaver is proudly on the internet at:

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