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Smartha Skewheart and The Woman Akimbo
Presented by Courtney Siebring

Reviewed: 2006-07-28 20:44:48
By: David J. Shaver (e-mail private -- log in to view)

Fringe Review of:

Courtney Siebring
Springfield, MO
SMARTHA SKEWHEART...and the women akimbo
Thursday, July 27, 2006
Venue 7 The Conservatory

I'm getting so SICK, SICK, SICK of having to FULLY RECOMMEND GREAT FRINGE SHOWS like Courtney Siebring's one woman fem-stravaganza, because I can't find any dull bombs to fulfill my sadistic urges as a highly, sexually unsatisfied theatre reviewer (who, of course, still lives in the family basement!) But what choice do I have but to listen to the groove that's in my heart and heap divine praise again on this split-serial, fem, gem as she gives us everything a stereotypical woman ostensibly must be, from a wacky skewering by SMartha to a femi-lesbo who posseses excellent self-awareness of her boobs, along with an incredible penchant for the rigours of modern banking.

Despite my own psychotherapeutically induced shockingly effusive tendencies of this unforgettable summer of theatre love, I'm also most pleased to be able to GIVE OUT SH*T ABOUT THE LIGHTING, which has the background hiccups in this venue 7 of slight haplessness. One last word to the Skewhart wise and that is quite simply to LIGHT MRS SIEBRING'S EYES to BRING THEM FORWARD as such aquas are glam dreams that reign supreme. I found this deeply committed performance to be worth its weight in bravos, so please don't deprive yourself of this masked, akimbo magic.

(Note to readers: I don't use a star rating system. I don't believe in them, so don't expect to *ever* see them in my reviews, even for super-great shows like this one!)

David Shaver is proudly on the internet at:

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