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Teaching Shakespeare
Presented by Doctor Keir Co.


Reviewed: 2006-07-28 13:34:16
Rated: 8 out of 10 [4 Stars]
By: John Chase (

I am very glad that I resolved to finally see Keir Cutler in performance this year.

In Teaching Shakespeare, his professor character is well executed... Not merely a facade used as a means of delivering jokes; he is masterful at portraying the eccentricities of a teacher who practices "Bardolatry" and has been in the classroom with his Shakespeare texts just a little too long. Through his bringing the audience into the show -- sometimes rhetorically and sometimes by asking questions that we need answer -- I had actually started to feel like a student in his zany classroom rather than a patron in his theatre by the time the curtain fell.

The performance also displayed a surprising diversity, as I became sympathetic for the depressing home and career issues the professor was trying so hard to keep out of his classroom, which were woven into his brilliant script in such a way so as to never lose the comedy of the situation.

As most of the audience will also leave having learned a little something about the patterns in which Shakespeare wrote, this is one of the most 'intelligent' comedies I have seen in some time. Four stars out of five!

John Chase
July 27, 2006

This production is part of the 2006 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.
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Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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