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Prometheus Bound
Presented by Elbow Productions


Reviewed: 2006-07-27 13:38:31
By: John Chase (

Prometheus Bound is listed as "multimedia" in the Fringe program, and as with all things in that category, one who attends should expect to see a very experimental fusion of man and technology rather than anything that necessarily resembles a traditional stageplay.

It's clear to see that this show at least started out with a good, and very creative, idea. The venue is configured such that there are billowing sheets of material hung across the small stage. For the duration of the performance, a video projector casts onto them a video that begins with the binding of Prometheus, and then supplies all the characters with which the sole live performer (Brian Longfield) interacts.

This is normally where I would start writing about the positive and negative in the show, of which there was both. Unfortunately, I cannot properly review this one any further nor even give it a star rating, because ironically, the very technology that made the show possible defeated my ability to hear a significant portion of it. In spite of the fact that my companion and I were sitting in the second row, we often could not clearly make out the words spoken by the onscreen characters. I wanted for more volume throughout, and would estimate I personally missed at least half of everything they said.

I can't review a show if I can't properly hear the story being told; and am writing this with the hope that Elbow Productions will fix its sound issues ASAP, if they haven't already!

John Chase
July 25, 2006

This production is part of the 2006 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival.
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