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The Popsicle-Stick Wand
Presented by RGI International


Reviewed: 2006-07-23 22:57:33
Rated: 6 out of 10 [3 Stars]
By: Leila Marston (

A fellow spectator remarked to me that this show should be reviewed from the perspective of a child, and it's a valid observation; it's easy to forget, as adults, how a simple play can delight a youngster.  With that in mind, I can say that The Popsicle-Stick Wand is modest and sweet, enchanting precisely because it is so low-key.

A good balance of ages and roles is achieved on stage: Miracle the Magician (John Chase) is a humble, kindly character, able to command the children without running the entire show.  The young actors hold their own, though occasionally they seem to wait expectantly for lines or actions from each other, more than performing the natural actions of their characters.  Still, they perform naturally and interact well together.  Particularly nice is the depth shown by Lexie Carvey as Jennifer; her character grows in confidence through the play.  There are still some technical glitches to be ironed out, but these would likely would be missed by children in the audience.

I have a feeling that this show may be passed over for other, more madcap offerings in the Kids' Fringe this year, and that's a shame, because it satisfies the most basic requirement of any theatrical performance: the children in the audience followed the actors' requests enthusiastically, the adults smiled and played along, and everyone left the theatre a little happier for having seen The Popsicle-Stick Wand.

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