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Excerpts from Charlie Brown
Presented by Brenda Gorlick's Youngstars

Reviewed: 2006-07-16 01:05:16
Rated: 9 out of 10 [4.5 Stars]
By: Gwen H. Repeta (e-mail private -- log in to view)

I have seen this cast of young performers present their show on two occasions and found both shows to be great entertainment! Each character is clearly and naturally defined by the actor.The members of this troupe have a natural connection that comes through with every combination of characters. Woodstock surprises us all at the end of the show and Snoopy and Marbles are unusually bright dogs!I now realize that all along Marcie really liked Charlie Brown. Schroeder is a cool tomatoe with a voice as clear and beautiful as a drink of mountain  water. Peppermint Pattie loves baseball and is really involved in her own thing. How does Linus come up with all those ideas and deep thoughts? Sally has convinced me I DO need a new philosophy! And Lucy? Definitely a high maintenance chick! Charlie Brown is....a really good 'man'. (You go girl!) I am a bit biased so you'll just have to see for yourself! This is a show presented by young performers who really get the Charlie Brown thing. Go and enjoy it, the way they are enjoying doing the skits. It will bring a laugh to your hearts, a thought to your minds and an enjoyable time for the family! Well done BG Youngst*rs and have fun!!

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