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Romeo & Juliet ver 2.0
Presented by Sound & Fury


Reviewed: 2005-07-28 18:06:43
Rated: 9 out of 10 [4.5 Stars]
By: John Chase (

A piece from the "Lost Episodes" of Shakespeare, the Fakespearian Players of Sound & Fury serve up their version 2.0 of Romeo and Juliet, for those who admire the Bard's classic tale -- and want to see it get cut to absolute shreds in the name of comedy.

This outdoor production at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival is an actual play, and one of the rare few that takes place on the public stage amidst the other multi-talented variety shows.

The show itself is so well written and performed that one would expect to see it playing indoors. A reason it isn't may perhaps be that this company is also presenting Cleopatrick (which I have not seen) at Venue #10.

Real appreciation of the humour in this show will only be achieved by those who have an understanding of the characters and events of Romeo and Juliet; but there are enough side jokes, visual gags, and acts of general zaniness to keep any audience entertained. The performers are great, the costumes are great, and the script is brilliant. For me, it was a literal laugh-a-minute or more, even upon a second viewing.

At an indoor venue, I would afford this show a four star out of five (great to excellent) rating. However, I found myself so impressed and delighted at seeing a play of that calibre simply happen in the middle of the grounds, that it earns them four and a half.

If you're hanging out at Market Square, don't miss "Romeo & Juliet ver 2.0"; and like any good Fringer, be sure to have a few dollars in your pocket to give to the actors at the end of their show. These guys deserve it.

John Chase
July 28, 2005

(Note: This production is part of the 2005 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. Visit - )

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