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Bash On Regardless
Presented by Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers

Reviewed: 2011-08-05 01:52:00
Rated: 10 out of 10 [5 Stars]
By: Robin Chase (e-mail private -- log in to view)

This is a remarkable interpretation of the saga of Canadian writer Elizabeth Smart and her tumultuous love affair with married British poet George Barker, by whom she had four children.

Six dancers portray the resolute lovers and the offspring they conceived, and through both words and dance, the dancers superbly convey the wide range of extreme emotions that can only be found in such a complicated affair, especially this one.

With this type of ensemble piece, I hesitate to single anyone out, but I must give a nod to Sarah Roche whose outstanding dance and monologue very near the end was practically a showstopper. This young woman is an extraordinary actor as well as a gifted dancer.

Overall, this show - which will form the basis for an expanded version next year - is filled with power and strength.

(Reviewed from performance held 2011 07 19 at the School of Contemporary Dancers during the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.)

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