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Problem Child
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Reviewed: 2005-07-24 13:44:11
Rated: 8 out of 10 [4 Stars]
By: Lorraine James (e-mail private -- log in to view)

I should be ashamed that I haven't seen enough of George F. Walker's plays. A friend of mine lured me into seeing this one [Thanks Keri-Lee Smith!].
The two leads, R.J. [Ryan Morton] and Denise[Claire Friessen] were the dramatic portion, the straight-men to the comical Phillie [Randal Payne] who stole the show. Helen [Cairn Moore] teetered on dramatic and comical. It's always good to check out anything Hope McIntyre has directed, since she knows what to get out of her actors. I loved the hard rock musical interludes that transitioned each scene too. To get your fill of Canadian Content [Can-Con for short], then see this one.

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Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
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"You need three things in the theatre--the play, the actors and the audience,--and each must give something."
-- Kenneth Haigh

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