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13 Plays About Love
Presented by Pam and Grant Productions


Reviewed: 2009-07-19 22:56:05
By: Leila Marston (

The write-up of this play in the Fringe program sparked visions of a busty milkmaid and a giant fake gorilla canoodling on an absurdist stage, so I was somewhat apprehensive about seeing this one, but am so very glad I attended.  What a brilliant show this is - and, fortunately, completely unlike my imagined version.

13 Plays About Love is a series of short vignettes about the pitfalls, trials, and rewards of love.  The skits tell a story that is at times kind and touching, at times sad and angst-ridden, but is always relentlessly insightful and hilarious.  Everything from online gaming to desperate drinking to obnoxious sexual openness comes onto the stage, but never is the play vulgar or sensationalist.  Kudos to the entire cast of gifted performers, who bring an incredible energy and vitality to their characters and work well together to keep the story moving quickly.

It's obvious that a lot of work and thought have been put into this production, and the results are not to be missed - and indeed, are not being missed, judging from the sell-out crowds so far.  Get your tickets in advance.

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