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African Folk Tales with Erik de Waal
Presented by YAP Theatre


Reviewed: 2009-07-19 22:41:52
By: Leila Marston (

Erik de Waal tells his charming stories with a nearly-empty stage and no more props than some puppets and a single small suitcase.  His show is a pointed reminder that, really, one needs nothing more than a fun story to entertain.

The folk tales in question are about animals, with several humorously exaggerated quips about life in South Africa, and feature puppetry, energetic leaping about, and a certain gentle repetition to remind kids of the names and actions in the tales.  He keeps the children engaged and sparked eager audience participation.

The day I saw this one-man show, his energy seemed a little low, a little strained, and the stories' pace may be a bit slow for parents and teenagers in attendance.  However, younger audience members will certainly enjoy the tales and might even want to read more folk tales after seeing this show.

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