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Blitz Kids
Presented by MacDonald's Plays


Reviewed: 2009-07-17 14:49:16
By: Leila Marston (

Blitz Kids is a kind-hearted, sympathetic glimpse into the lives of the children evacuated from London during World War II - specifically, two evacuated Londoners, and the Edinburgh children who become their friends. 

The show overall was entertaining and sweet, with a story that was alternatingly funny and poignant.  The "blitz kids" all gave earnest, sincere performances, and depicted well the daily worries that these children faced, as well as their courage through sad and frightening situations.  Charming moments of play, song, and dance kept the mood light, and a few running jokes were reminders that some things about families are universal.  ("Ye'll pook yer ey-uz oot!")

The play was not without its problems on the opening night performance I attended.  The show began with a radio that repeated the same song on loop for several minutes and produced nervous titters from an audience who was unsure if they were witnessing a technical glitch or an odd opening joke.  Most of the young performers, while doing a decent job with their difficult accents, had problems with audibility and clear pronunciation, so I missed several jokes and conversations that - judging from the front rows' laughter - I would have liked to hear.

Overall, it is a solid show, a light but thoughtful treatment of the blitz kids' story, and I especially recommend it for families seeking a Fringe play that all ages will enjoy.

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