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Trojan Women
Presented by Eyewitness Theatre


Reviewed: 2008-07-26 15:25:41
By: Leila Marston (

I was shaken and quite overcome by this powerful adaptation of Euripides' play; this performance of Trojan Women is incredibly complex, and the three actresses carry the full weight and pathos of their characters to the play's dramatic conclusion.

Troy has fallen.  Three royal women wait for the Greek ships to bear them to their fates - three victims, each in their own way.  Andromache, played with immense and painful dignity by Laura Danielle Sharp, is the archetypal dutiful wife: exorting the others to honour, tending to her family and home, awaiting slavery with deceptive austerity.  The raving Cassandra, brilliantly portrayed by Nell Corrin, is a young temple virgin, given true prophecy by Apollo, cursed with others' disbelief after she rejected him, the victim of man and god both as she readies herself for a horrific fate.  Helen, the stark, aloof beauty of Carly Tarett, hides a great passion for life beneath the cold veneer, refuses to allow her love to be painted as the cause of the Trojan War, her only crime daring to leave a loveless marriage.

It's a spellbinding adaptation worthy of Euripides, and one of the most forceful, moving examples I've ever seen of how ancient Greek tragedy still applies to the modern world.  This play brought the full horror of the fall of Troy to life, and to evoke such feeling with no set, almost no music, and only three cast members is a feat of theatrical accomplishment.

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