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The Vajayjay Monologues
Presented by Pot of Jam Productions


Reviewed: 2008-07-26 15:11:56
By: Leila Marston (

I caught a late show of this one-woman production on a night I was barely awake enough to think, and I emerged from the theatre energized, thoughtful, and entertained. 

For over an hour, Lindsay Burns sings, speaks, shouts, and solemnly elegizes; she's an insightful writer and a passionate performer.  In exploring the lives of the paparazzi, the general fascination with pop culture, and the relationships of women to each other and to significant others, she weaves one thread strongly through all of her jests: that women should not judge their worth by others' standards.  She's worried about vajayjays precisely because the cutesy "vajayjay" moniker is a sign of the times, a symptom of women relinquishing their true, deep strength and embracing a superficial, ineffectual "girl power."

Except for the last five minutes or so, which were addressed directly to the audience and which I felt should have been cut, Burns' show conveyed this extremely strong message without stating it outright.  Her sometimes gentle, sometimes biting humour stands in for a direct delivery; you laugh at the joke, then contemplate exactly why you laughed, and begin to understand what she's trying to say.

This is a mature, skillful piece of theatre and should entertain both men and women, as well as challenging their ideas about womanhood in a changing world.

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