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Sherlock Holmes & the Saline Solution
Presented by Sound & Fury


Reviewed: 2008-07-26 14:06:47
By: Leila Marston (

Completely non-surprisingly, this is another winner from the gifted men of Sound & Fury.  Honestly, is anybody giving these guys bad reviews at this point?  Is there any reason for me even to write this?  Well, here goes:

This talented troupe provides an example of exactly how polished and perfect a comedy production can be.  The three interact with the lined-up patrons before the doors open, and then continue the audience participation and interaction throughout the show.  Their show is an utterly brilliant mixture of literary and pop culture references, satire, punnery, and just plain fun.  The men slide in and out of character at a moment's notice and are hilariously madcap in performance; it's a marvel to watch.

I can't even end this review by instructing the reader to go see the show, as if my advice is necessary; Sound & Fury is adept at selling out Winnipeg venues, so it seems that Fringe viewers are already quite clear on the fact that their shows are really, really awesome.  They still have a few performances left, so if you can get advance tickets - don't even try at the door - go treat yourself to a night of incredible comedy.

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