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Beauty and the Beast
Presented by The Little Opera Company


Reviewed: 2008-07-26 13:41:04
By: Leila Marston (

This show is a sweet introduction to opera for young viewers; the performers adapt a well-known fairy tale into a simple musical version that's very appropriate family entertainment.

The program started with an 'introduction to opera' in which the two singers seemed to fumble for lines as they explained the different voices in an opera; the beginning felt strangely tacked-on.  However, once the show began, it was charming and easy to follow, with a lovely set and costumes.  The singers communicated a clear, prettily-sung tale, and the children in the audience seemed entranced.

However, the music was somewhat repetitive, moreso than one normally expects from operatic themes, and certain phrases and names ("Beauty," for example) were repeated ad nauseam.  Also, there was no depiction of Beauty's life in the castle with the Beast, so her transformation from "repulsed and terrified" to "joyously in love" happens very abruptly.

However, a child might not notice these problems, or perhaps I only have these issues because I'm not a child myself!  Overall, it was a good production in pursuit of a worthy goal.

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