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Prairie Fire Presents....The Follies
Presented by Prairie Fire Productions


Reviewed: 2008-07-22 18:27:53
By: Leila Marston (

The Follies are defined in this show as "a discontinuous series of individual acts," and Sharon Nowlan's Fringe version is an uneven mixture of the marvelous and the mundane.

Falling under "mundane" were the performer's discussions of the Follies, their history, and their meaning in the past and today, which rivalled a college lecture in dryness and might best have been included in the show program rather than the show itself.  Also, certain costume changes created gaps in the flow of the presentation, and a few of the numbers were a bit slow, moments in which the performer seemed uncertain and nervous.

Marvelous were Nowlan's beautiful fire-spinning act, showed off here as it was in Caberlesque!, and the moving, graceful feather-fan dance that finished the show.  These stunning moments, along with several humorous scenes (like the '50s Housewife) are enough to whet an appetite for the Follies and inspire an interest in the art.

Overall, I think that the past Follies were so amazing because of the splendid spectacle and pageantry created by numerous women performing.  This tribute is heartfelt and sincere, but innately and sadly limited by the small space and cast.

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