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Letters at Large
Presented by R.S.T.N.L.E. productions


Reviewed: 2008-07-22 17:41:16
By: Leila Marston (

Jeff Sinclair has a funny, heartwarming tale to tell, and this charming show invites the audience to pull up a chair and listen.

It seems that Mr. Sinclair has spent several years writing odd, satirical letters worldwide: discussing his stamp-licking habit with a philatelic society, posing as a Korean child who met a celebrity abroad, asking Heineken to bottle plain water as a special order for him, or (my personal favourite) asking questions about the local symphony's upcoming karaoke night.  His correspondence and the recipients' replies are the pithy material for Letters at Large, and at first, I thought, "What a cynical git, to write prank letters everywhere.  Of course I must see his show."

It turns out that Sinclair is actually a friendly, articulate guy with a laid-back style of performing; attending his show is rather like sitting with a buddy while he tells a great story.  Even more surprising, he's got excellent reasons for his letter-writing project.  In fact, though many Fringe shows seem to carry an Important Message for their audiences, this is the only show I've seen so far that has a Message I Might Actually Think About and Utilize.

I had no idea what to expect from this comedy, and wound up enjoying it immensely.  This has been the 'sleeper hit' of my Fringe schedule, and a show I highly recommend to anyone who could use a good, long laugh.

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