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The Big Stupid Improv Show
Presented by Probable Cast


Reviewed: 2008-07-20 16:50:36
By: Leila Marston (

Also known as "The Pig Stubid Improv Show" and "Hey, Look at All These People Flailing About Onstage," Big Stupid takes numerous improv comedians from around the world and mashes them together for a hit-or-miss game of "Director's Cut."

The premise is simple: four comedians serve as "directors," taking audience suggestions and then directing scenes featuring the other comedians.  The storylines on the day I attended were strangely amusing - a group of bullying rabbits, a psychotic haircutting competition, a hero's journey into the world of dance, and a love story that begins at a funeral and goes downhill from there.  Most of the show was quite humorous, especially the jests from Winnipeg's own CRUMBS and from New Zealand native Penny Ashton.

The improv artists brought a variety of styles to the stage, and this was both a strength and a weakness.  They didn't always work well together, and sometimes were at odds with each other during their scenes; some of the jokes fell flat because of this lack of coordination.  Overall, however, it was an entertaining "big stupid" show - and I mean that in the most endearing sense of the phrase!

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