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Dream State Circus
Presented by Dream State Circus


Reviewed: 2008-07-20 15:53:45
By: Leila Marston (

This endearing, dynamic show ranks among the best entertainment I've ever viewed on the outdoor stage.  The performers, Sophie and Jacob, interacted with the audience well, speaking humbly and lovingly about their art, without being self-effacing or awkward.  Together, they crafted a magnificent tableau of all of the beautiful feats that can be achieved with the human form.  Grace, balance, flexibility, and enormous strength were all in ample evidence; while I've been told before that the best performers make their exploits look easy, I enjoyed this show precisely because it didn't seem simple at all.  The two performers were extremely focused and carried each pose and twist through to maximum precision, obviously passionate about their art and working hard to deliver the best performance possible.

It's rare that an outdoor stage performance captures my interest, much less inspires me to stay, but I watched all of Dream State's enticing show in awe.  Congratulations to Sophie and Jacob McGrath for a job brilliantly done.

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