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The Johnald Slow Show
Presented by InterVisceral Productions


Reviewed: 2008-07-20 14:34:06
By: Leila Marston (

The Johnald Slow Show is a mock-up of typical hammy, general interest radio call-in shows.  The topics for the night I attended ranged from "The Royal Winnipeg Ballet or Indiana Jones?" ("Indiana Jones - the RWB is so fake, too much CGI"), to "Lasagna recipes," to "Uses for artists other than art" ("sandbags against flooding" was my favourite).

Host Johnald Slow speaks in that maddeningly articulate, overly enthused radio host style that is the bane of any coffee-less morning, and his show follows the typical useless radio show format: responding to random callers on the air and then interviewing a special guest.  Many of the jokes began amusingly, at least, and the evening's star, journalist Morley Walker, comported himself well (though admittedly, I don't know enough about Winnipeg local media to judge how cutting or humorous the "grilling" was).

However, there were numerous technical problems the night I attended, and the difficulties degraded a potentially winsome production into a disconcerting experience.  Callers were inaudible, creating gaps in the show's flow while the sound was adjusted.  Jokes were cut off halfway to make time for the next caller.  Even the beginning announcement, introducing the host, was difficult to hear, and this in a small venue, no less.

Thus, I can't provide an accurate review because so many of the jokes were lost.  I hope that the sound and timing issues are fixed for future audiences, because this could potentially be a quite amusing show once all of the cast can be heard.

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