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CRUMBS Sells Out
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Reviewed: 2008-07-19 18:44:40
By: Leila Marston (

I've enjoyed several CRUMBS shows in Winnipeg and was pleased to attend their Fringe offering for the first time this year.  Local comics Stephen Sim and Lee White are a well-matched team, and they delivered quality entertainment on their opening night (the "collector's edition, mint in box" show).

The two comedians have a very friendly, responsive style of performing, and their excellent rapport with each other expands into a quick connection with the audience.  Their zany, intelligent humour is great fun to watch, and even their less impressive jokes quickly become hilarious as they laugh off the moment and move on.

The beauty of an improv show, of course, is that almost nothing I've said will apply to future performances.  Therefore, much of this review is pointless, and your best bet is probably just to go see CRUMBS live and decide for yourself.

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