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Iron Sticks
Presented by Petit Pont

Reviewed: 2008-07-18 21:56:40
By: Kevin Hamill (

Baton twirling, sexy outfits and neurotic outbursts of inner monolgues brought to life in Brigette DePape's latest installment to the Winnipeg Fringe.  The show starts with a humorous synopsis of a day in the life of a baton twirler.  Within minutes, you are spiralled into the crazy non-adventures of reclusive and paranoid young girl.

If you're confused gets better.  Engaging in a variety of conversations with her 'metal sticks', you are left torn between feeling sorry for her and offering her a ritalin.  In my opinion. this is the best installment yet from DePape and offers a fantastic 45 minute rollercoaster of emotion.

The only concern that I have is the show builds and builds leaving the audience suspensful of what is to happen next, and is suddenly halted with a very abrupt climax.  At this point I am left beging for more only to have the lights come up and finale music play.

All in all this show is a must see and is highly recommended to any and everyone.  Enjoy.

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