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Demons of the Mind
Presented by Theatre on Tap


Reviewed: 2008-07-17 14:57:09
By: Leila Marston (

A light dawns on a bare, dark stage.  A woman unfurls from tangled streamers and falls with the effortless grace of the rain.  Her incredible physical self-control masks a psyche unhinged.

Talia Pura's moving Demons of the Mind stands tribute to the great theatre that can be created with a minimum of props and sets.  Pura twists and turns, reclines and hangs, moving her body sinuously through a problem as complex as her knotwork.  At her side stands a clever but perplexed professional (Harry Nelken), uncertain what to do, unable to turn away.  The two weave a compelling drama, effectively punctuated by William Pura's austere score.

Great love and mute terror, the meaning of guilt and redemption, Demons delves into these courageously.  No clear answers are provided - only the unforgettable web spun onstage by these gifted performers.

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