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Teaching As You Like It
Presented by Doctor Keir Co.


Reviewed: 2007-07-28 13:01:42
By: Leila Marston (

Keir Cutler is such a captivating, thorough actor that words for his performances seem trite by comparison.  Every nuance, from voice to gesture to dress, all blend seamlessly into his nameless character: a desperate, complex Shakespearian idolator, simultaneously endearing and repulsive, a character on par with the greatest creations of comic literature (Toole's Ignatius J. Reilly comes instantly to mind).  The script unfolds with imperceptibly smooth transitions between moods and topics, in the ranting of a frustrated teacher who reveals himself through his tangential meanderings, never actually covering his intended subject yet somehow expanding it beyond any lesson.  Teaching As You Like It is brilliant, intellectual humour that stimulates without patronising, engages without resort to cheap theatrics.  Cutler's mastery of the one-man show is unparalleled, as he demonstrated once again this year to his captivated audience/students/fellow "players."

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"The play was a great success but the audience was a disaster."
-- Oscar Wilde

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