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Battle of the Wands
Presented by RGI International


Reviewed: 2007-07-25 20:55:08
By: Leila Marston (

Battle of the Wands is a worthy sequel to last year's Popsicle Stick Wand and retains all of the charm of the original.

The entire cast works very well together, with such natural interaction as one would expect from old friends, and the script is full of moments of gentle humour and fun.  Particularly impressive was the strong performance of Megan Wilson as Miracle's testy niece; she played her role with great confidence.  There were a few technical glitches in the show, but they didn't seem to detract from the overall effect, judging from the delighted gasps from the audience's young children.

Now that the second part of this magical story has played, I'm wondering, "So, what happens next?"  I'd love to see a part three in next year's Fringe!

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